Things have turned a corner. Here’s the rundown:

The drain put in last Friday worked well for a day, then I found myself in Urgent Care 3:00 Sunday morning due to severe pain. Bottom line: The drain is still working to get out the excess fluid and will continue to diminish until everything heals up in there and stops leaking fluid (mostly from the lymph system). Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a while – MUCH less pain, easier to get around – and with no pain killers! Feel good this morning, too.

Surgeon says of all the problems, this is the best to have. It’s common, and the new kidney is still doing great. They’re not worried about it, which is of course the most important element of my recovery.

Yesterday was 3 weeks since transplant, and at 4 weeks I’ll have outpatient surgery to get the stent out, take out my dialysis catheter, and do the first biopsy of the kidney.

Thanks for all the nice notes and texts asking how things are going. We appreciate the support!