Welcome Visitors

My son Josh:

So glad we got to see my dad before he went into surgery! I can’t imagine the day’s finally here for him to get a new kidney! Thank God for amazing people and His perfect plan for us. Love you dad!



Getting Prepped

1917413_10153279835278016_9089390869913446453_nYes, indeed. Getting prepped.

And I got to meet my direct donor!! He was about to go in to surgery and asked to meet me. He’s a great guy – Glenn, aka Croc. Young and in good shape. Hope I get some of THAT mojo!

Thank you all for the monumental love and support! Stacy will post an update here later…


TOMORROW … is the first day of the rest of my life.

First, thanks to all my friends, my church, my work, and family who have walked this road with us the last couple of years. Going into tomorrow with SO many people from around the world and all faiths making up our great cloud of witnesses brings much comfort and confidence.

Second, folks have been asking for details of my hospital stay. I check in to Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla tomorrow at 8:30 am. Surgery starts at 11 and should last 3-4 hours. I’ll be in ICU overnight for observation. If all goes well, I’ll be moved to a regular room Wednesday morning. Then classes Thursday afternoon to teach us what our new normal looks like. Discharged Thursday night.

No visitors (except family) and NO flowers – they carry bacteria and won’t be allowed in the transplant unit. When I get home, we’ll know if visitors are allowed.

I think that’s it. Just trying to get last minute work and details covered today. My donor, Emory, and her family are coming over for dinner tonight. We’ll be drinking chicken broth while everyone else has real food.

Clearance Details

I announced yesterday that I’ve been cleared for my kidney transplant on December 29! Here’s more info:

Been working SO hard to make weight the last few months and fortunately I was a few pounds under that yesterday morning! The surgeon and nephrologist said all is well, and to keep losing weight.

They’ve also shut down my excursions, as I can’t be around more than 5 people, except for my family, work (wear a mask if someone is sick), and church (mask always). But I’ll miss our annual Christmas morning visit with injured Marine recruits at MCRD for the first time in 13 years. We even have to take our Christmas tree down the week of Christmas. So it’ll be a sparse Christmas, compared to past years. Bummed, but focused!

CT scan next week and then all-day pre-op appointment on December 23.

We’ve only just recently been giving ourselves permission to think about what life may be like after all of this. Frankly we can’t even remember our life before all of it. But to consider days without dialysis and all the side effects I’ve come to expect as normal brings a little light in our lives. Yes, many things can go wrong, and we are prepared (as much as can be).

We are so blest of God and full of gratitude…


I’M CLEARED!!! Getting a new kidney on December 29!

Soooo many people to thank, and I will…but this could not happen without Emory, who is donating her kidney to a woman in Colorado so I can get the kidney I need from a man here in San Diego.

So blest of God…more later.