Chronicles of a Kidney Transplant

1917413_10153279835278016_9089390869913446453_nMike Atkinson’s Saga from Kidney Disease to a New Life

This blog chronicles my journey with kidney failure … from diagnosis, to treatments, to transplant, and beyond.

I explore its effects on my relationships, family, work, church, and more.

I was diagnosed on January 3, 2014 and received my transplanted kidney on December 29, 2015.

During this time, we married off 3 sons, were blest with 3 new grandkids, and life went on. You’ll see some of that reflected in the blog, because, while it was hard to fully enjoy those events due to my condition, it was a HUGE part of me getting through it  all.

Of course, being a blog, it is in reverse date order. So the posts just below this are post-transplant and go back in time.

Come along…

And check out my kidney donor’s great blog.