Podcast Interview

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I was interviewed last week by Alex Berrios Jr. with the IGA Nephropathy Foundation of America about my kidney transplant story, as part of a Donate Life Month (April) series. Thought I’d share it in case you’ve wondered and have a spare 17 minutes. Watch here.

Read more on the Foundation’s series.

My 4-Year Kidney-versary!

Today marks 4 years since my kidney transplant. Massive gratitude & love to my donors: Family friend Emory Gibbons who offered to donate but wasn’t a match. So she donated her kidney to Laurie Troxell in Colorado so Glenn “Croc”81520127_10156806613583016_2582871337563324416_n Millar could donate his kidney to me. (Here’s the whole, amazing story.)

This has been the best year for me healthwise in 6 years. The new kidney consistently gets two thumbs up from my medical team. My strength has been returning and has allowed me more stamina and the ability to be more physically active, which has made me feel even better.

There are many resulting issues from the disease, but I’m vertical every morning. The transplant has given me more time with my family, friends, and in this amazing world God has created. For that, I am so thankful for God’s mercy and care. I’ve learned not to take good health for granted, and to soak in all that comes my way.

God is good.



That’s right, 3 years ago today I received new life in the form of a transplanted kidney. It saved – and radically improved – my life.

I met with my nephrologist (kidney doctor) in October and she gave me 2 thumbs way up on the condition of the previously-owned kidney. All my regular test numbers have been stable for a long time.  Unfortunately, the 2 years of treatment and dialysis, and now 3 years of recovery have, as my doc said, deprogrammed my body from activity. That’s why I still fatigue pretty easily. I’ve been able to push it here and there, and survive. So, she now has me on a regular routine of increasing activity to strengthen my body and stamina.

I’ve found that my senses have been on overdrive this week, leading up to this anniversary, much more so than the previous 2 anniversaries. Probably because there’s way less recovering, which has made more room for reflecting. Alotta misty moments. As the kids say, I’m feeling all the feels.

Stacy and I decided that survivor afterglow encourages deep gratitude…so blessed beyond what I deserve.

Deep gratitude for those who made this renewed life possible – the amazing people in my kidney chain, especially the donors – Breelyn, Emory & Glenn; the medical nurses, doctors, surgeons, technicians, pharmacists, coordinators; good friends who supported me in countless ways; family who stood with me, sometimes carrying me; a wife who fought for me, did things for and to me that I know she never imagined she would have to, loved me in ways never expected, and is still standing through a lot of trauma, unknowing, and anxiety; and to God my Father, who dished out a load of mercy when needed, comfort in times of intense darkness, and unconditional love at every turn.

So many of you were – and continue to be – part of the overwhelming cloud that covered us through this journey, offering thoughts and prayers that were mysteriously felt and strengthening. I can never say thank you enough.

2019 will continue to be a year of transformation…and alotta gratitude. I cannot wait.




This is more of a follow-up to my earlier update this week. This morning I delivered a message to my home church, reflecting on the last 4 years and the crazy roller coaster of kidney disease.

My wonderful daughter Tiffany videotaped the whole thing – just a tad longer than a sitcom, though probably not as funny.

Hope it brings hope to folks who need to hear it…