This is more of a follow-up to my earlier update this week. This morning I delivered a message to my home church, reflecting on the last 4 years and the crazy roller coaster of kidney disease.

My wonderful daughter Tiffany videotaped the whole thing – just a tad longer than a sitcom, though probably not as funny.

Hope it brings hope to folks who need to hear it…



One thought on “Preach.

  1. A year and a half ago I watched this sermon, Mike. Now I’m hearing some things I didn’t catch before as I recall, but then, I’m not recalling more things these days. 1. The pastor knows when to relinquish his turf to people he trusts to say and display the message of the love and magnificence of God. 2. God has taken you and Stacy thru many, many canyons. The result is you just can’t keep from telling how good your Master and King really is. God has become your Daddy. 3. Generally, the church is shrinking. Not just the liberal mainlines, but the ones who were thought to be invulnerable to irrelevance because they kept up with the culture and kept talking about Jesus. A study in 2016 said that 31,000,000 believing Christians—and that’s a lot of zeros—have left their churches. For a variety of reasons, but two: unsafe conditions and irrelevance. Listening to you speak, I think there’s hope that one church anyway still gets it.

    What does God have in mind for the coming year? We know lots of changes are headed our way with Matt and his family most likely moving to Australia. But, and I believe I wrote this to you a lot of years ago, we’re in this life in the care of God for the long haul.



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