Dark Side of the Moon

Folks have been asking how I’m doing. It feels kinda like slowly rotating out of the dark side of the moon. (How’s that for dramatics?)
Last week was tough with the side effects from the prednisone infusions. But Sunday evening I started feeling some relief, and a bit more each day. Yesterday was the first day I felt like walking in the yard in a week. (And at 88 degrees!)
From here on it’s low-dose oral prednisone for about a month. At that point I’ll have another biopsy of the kidney to see how it’s responded to the treatment. Here’s hopin’!
A friend sent me this the other day, and I love it!
“I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will it ever read …
‘I gave up.'”

One thought on “Dark Side of the Moon

  1. Your letters are so inspiring and we have enjoyed Mikey’s Funnies for a few years now. We are missionaries (49+ years now) and still going. If it’s 88 degrees you must live in FL or CA. We’re in NC and it was 40 today! Praying for you and your family, and believing for His touch on your body and complete healing. I lost a kidney with cancer over a year ago and I was sorry I didn’t have one to donate to anyone, but PTL, it was found early and I didn’t need any training. God bless you today…remember HE LOVES YOU!


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