Chronicles of a Kidney Transplant

1917413_10153279835278016_9089390869913446453_nMike Atkinson’s Saga from Kidney Disease to a New Life

This blog chronicles my journey with kidney failure … from diagnosis, to treatments, to transplant, and beyond.

I explore its effects on my relationships, family, work, church, and more.

I was diagnosed on January 3, 2014 and received my transplanted kidney on December 29, 2015.

During this time, we married off 3 sons, were blest with 3 new grandkids, and life went on. You’ll see some of that reflected in the blog, because, while it was hard to fully enjoy those events due to my condition, it was a HUGE part of me getting through it  all.

Of course, being a blog, it is in reverse date order. So the posts just below this are post-transplant and go back in time.

Come along…

And check out my kidney donor’s great blog.


2 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Kidney Transplant

  1. Hi Mike,

    My name is Carrie, my mother in law has found your blog and passed it along to us for inspiration. My husband was diagnosed with the same kidney disease you have back in 2005, his function was 73%. He was given oral prednisone to slow down the damage he is now at 18% function. We are on the transplant list at LOma Linda, I am attempting to be his donor, (by paired exchange as we dont match blood types) I have to lose about 70 lbs, 16 lost so far. I will do anything to save his life. He is currently taking procrit shots Q 2 weeks. Due to no other health issues his MD does NOT want to start dialysis at this time, Right now we are being told that the waiting list for non donor transplants is about 12-15 years. We have support from family & friends & our church but we are just in that limbo state right now. He has pain with leg cramps and he says his legs always feel heavy. He gets tired very quickly. He is still working at Pomona Valley ER, where he has had to be admitted for IV fluids multiple times for fatigue, he almost had to be given a blood transfusion once. I was trying to thin of a way to explain all this to our kids who are 8 & 12 both have special needs. So i prayed and one day my 12 year old was having difficulties with the TV remote (dead batteries) and it hit me daddy’s kidneys are his batteries and they are almost dead. So I explained that some day soon the DR will have to take his old ones out to give him new ones. Has helped to allow the kids to be apart of this process and include them but not scare them. My husband has told me that through all this the greatest thing he has learned so far is to take it one day at a time and value the people who love you (god, family, friends, church ect) He will be turning 38 next month and wants to go to Disneyland to celebrate his life through his kids eyes. Although he can’t go on all the rides and our kids understand that he just enjoys watching them enjoy life. So thank you for sharing your story, as we can help share ours to.

    The Lambright Family.


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