I’M HOME!! Feeling pretty good. SO ready for my own bed. Had a rough night last night, so today was sleeping, and classes with the dietician and pharmacist, and getting to know my direct donor Glenn and Heather, the recipient he donated on behalf of. Wonderful folk. Feeling very blest and can’t wait to share more of the story this weekend with you beautiful people. Happy new year? Uh … YEAH!


My Donor

10488223_10153758385249694_2499489700850070053_nThe highlight of my transplant was meeting my direct donor, Glenn Millar! Amazing guy. Here is his post when he was discharged from the hospital:

I just said goodbye to my kidney. Take care of it Mike Atkinson. I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to help you Mike. You and Stacy are good people.


Having Church

Had a little church in my hospital room. Listened to one of my fave artists, Fernando Ortega, whose music has always been able to usher me into the Holy of Holies. Had some tears, some singing, and much gratitude for the new kidney, my angel donors Emory and Glenn, and for the army of pray-ers and lov-ers who make up our great cloud. And while this physical gift is amazing and adds years to my life, this spiritual gift I received is immeasurable and has no expiration date: “Father of Mercy, look upon this fainting soul…look on me and make me whole.”

Love from GoFundMe

I guess Gofundme was inspired by our story! They sent Emory flowers and me this wonderful gift basket with a nice note. SO great when big business gets personal.

Thanks again to those friends who donated to Em’s fund. SO great for them not to have to pay anything for this amazing gift she gave…

10502440_10153282318968016_8162695734644529384_n (2)


I’m baaaack!


Thought you could get rid of me that easy???

So all looks good. Sorry, but the kidney is cranking out A TON of urine – one of the key measures of success. All sharp pain is gone, but VERY sore at the incision site.

Slept off and on in ICU overnight and just walked about 50 steps. Doc said I lost a lot of blood in surgery but have recovered well.

On schedule to go home tomorrow!

And, from what I understand, Emory, and my direct donor are doing well.

Thanks to all you lovies for the blanket of prayer and support!!

Getting Prepped

1917413_10153279835278016_9089390869913446453_nYes, indeed. Getting prepped.

And I got to meet my direct donor!! He was about to go in to surgery and asked to meet me. He’s a great guy – Glenn, aka Croc. Young and in good shape. Hope I get some of THAT mojo!

Thank you all for the monumental love and support! Stacy will post an update here later…


TOMORROW … is the first day of the rest of my life.

First, thanks to all my friends, my church, my work, and family who have walked this road with us the last couple of years. Going into tomorrow with SO many people from around the world and all faiths making up our great cloud of witnesses brings much comfort and confidence.

Second, folks have been asking for details of my hospital stay. I check in to Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla tomorrow at 8:30 am. Surgery starts at 11 and should last 3-4 hours. I’ll be in ICU overnight for observation. If all goes well, I’ll be moved to a regular room Wednesday morning. Then classes Thursday afternoon to teach us what our new normal looks like. Discharged Thursday night.

No visitors (except family) and NO flowers – they carry bacteria and won’t be allowed in the transplant unit. When I get home, we’ll know if visitors are allowed.

I think that’s it. Just trying to get last minute work and details covered today. My donor, Emory, and her family are coming over for dinner tonight. We’ll be drinking chicken broth while everyone else has real food.

No More!


2nd best thing about getting my certified, pre-owned kidney? (First is staying alive.) NO MORE DIALYSIS!!! This is my flow sheet, where I keep each night’s session stats. I just filled out the new sheet and only TWO MORE NIGHTS! No more pain, better sleep, get our evenings back, get our spare bedroom back (where a mountain of supplies lives).

Now let me say that I am very aware of how fortunate I am, since I know MANY people who have been on dialysis for YEARS. I’ve endured it for only 10 months. Having a living donor (can you say Angel Emory??) has allowed for a much faster process to transplant.

Thank you, Lord.


New Best Friend

886325_10153274293793016_6091201003953230569_oMy new lifelong best friend…Cellcept is the primary immune suppresor that will try to keep my body from rejecting the new kidney. I’ll be carpet-bombed with this for the first 6 months, then a lower dose the rest of my life.

The BIGGEST change for me post-transplant is becoming a Germophobe – something I have NEVER been! Gonna be a hard transition. The transplant team will spend a lot of time training us at the end of my hospital stay this week.

So if we encounter each other in the future, and you have the sniffles or a cough, and I say hi from a distance, please don’t be offended.