Short story – looks like I’m getting a new kidney in January!

Longer story…Scripps called me Friday to let me know my donor (love you, Emory!) is not a match for me. So they referred us to the Paired Donor Exchange program. They will find her a recipient who she matches. AND Scripps has a donor now who is a match for me! This person is local, which is the best scenario, since a “warmer” kidney is a better transplanted kidney.

When my nurse coordinator called to tell me this, my head was spinning. But I think she said this donor wanted to donate to someone they knew but wasn’t a match and still wanted to help someone. Bless them.

The donor has requested to wait until after the holidays, which is what I was hoping for. (After you have a transplant, they really don’t want you around a lot of people for a month or more, which would make for miserable holidays.)

I only have 3 or 4 pounds to lose to qualify for the transplant, which I should do in the next week or two. Of course, I want to lose more. I met with my personal trainer last week, who gave me good diet ideas and some adapted exercises. The better shape I’m in, the better recovery. Obviously, this will be a VERY different holiday season for me.

The boring stuff…my day-to-day is still a roller coaster of energy swings, side effects, and chronic fatigue.

I’ve learned enough about the medical world to know that all of this could change on a dime – so I’m holding on loosely. But it gives me some light at the end of the tunnel – and it’s not a train…it’s hope!


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