Short story – looks like I’m getting a new kidney in January!

Longer story…Scripps called me Friday to let me know my donor (love you, Emory!) is not a match for me. So they referred us to the Paired Donor Exchange program. They will find her a recipient who she matches. AND Scripps has a donor now who is a match for me! This person is local, which is the best scenario, since a “warmer” kidney is a better transplanted kidney.

When my nurse coordinator called to tell me this, my head was spinning. But I think she said this donor wanted to donate to someone they knew but wasn’t a match and still wanted to help someone. Bless them.

The donor has requested to wait until after the holidays, which is what I was hoping for. (After you have a transplant, they really don’t want you around a lot of people for a month or more, which would make for miserable holidays.)

I only have 3 or 4 pounds to lose to qualify for the transplant, which I should do in the next week or two. Of course, I want to lose more. I met with my personal trainer last week, who gave me good diet ideas and some adapted exercises. The better shape I’m in, the better recovery. Obviously, this will be a VERY different holiday season for me.

The boring stuff…my day-to-day is still a roller coaster of energy swings, side effects, and chronic fatigue.

I’ve learned enough about the medical world to know that all of this could change on a dime – so I’m holding on loosely. But it gives me some light at the end of the tunnel – and it’s not a train…it’s hope!

Transplant Update

Some good news…

First, last week was one of the best in a long time. We have no idea why, but I had much more energy and less weakness throughout the week. I’d get good days like that every once in a while, but never that many days strung together. A little tougher day today, but I’m still riding high on the last week.

Second, the first potential kidney donor to make it through the testing was approved Friday to be a donor. Her case now goes to my transplant team to evaluate her as a donor for me. We should hear in a coupla weeks.

Third, Scripps has ordered all the final tests and scans for me before getting a transplant, so it feels like there is some momentum happening.

I met with my nephrologist Friday (the kidney doctor). I’ve gained some weight due to the high protein diet I have to be on for dialysis, and am a few pounds over the acceptable limit for the transplant. She is putting me on the very low protein diet – nearly vegetarian, she said – so that I can get in better shape for the transplant.

I’m also starting with a personal trainer soon to help with adaptive exercises, as getting me in good shape will help the recovery process.

Still some stamina problems and other issues going on, but feeling much better … and SO appreciative of the love and support from all you lovely peoples.