Golf Tourney Report


The event was a smashing success! Even if we hadn’t raised a cent, to have friends from the decades all together in one place was amazing. Stacy and I were overwhelmed with the love and support. We had 120 golfers and 160 diners at today’s fundraising golf tournament! Plus, my transplant fund was FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to all who helped and donated!


Our wonderful Christian High ’78 fellow graduates and the Menconis!


My kiddos and adopted kiddos, including Emory who is being tested to be my kidney donor, and the Elliots.

11218870_10153098713968016_7314646165213588710_nThis whole thing could not have happened without these amazing people. What a gift from God they are. It was their idea to do the tournament – and took me kicking and screaming the whole way – and committed a monumental amount of time to make it such a success. Love you guys SO much! (And Kelly thanks for letting us borrow them so much the last few weeks for this!)




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