Who Ya Gonna Save?

I just had to share this stirring post from my donor Emory:


Such an emotional day for me at Scripps. Not only do I have to process the information given to me today, answer questions and get poked and wrap my head around donating a kidney… But while I wait for my name to be called for the next appointment, I sit in departments where the person next to me is dying, trying to hold on to life. One lady has had four types of cancer and is just in a “hold steady” state but she had one hell of a sense of humor; telling other patients to have a great appointment and talking about cake being done vs lab tests being finished– keeping up on her grammar. Other look like the life has been sucked out of them and this appointment will just get them through the next few days. Here I sit, healthy, super healthy, and with a peculiar blood type that allows me to be a match for anyone. I know God has put Mike in my life for the past 13 years for this; to possibly give my kidney to such a great, kind, loving, funny man would not only be a privilege but an honor. To help him see 15-20 more years from something that I am healthy enough to help with is my goal. Today – only half way through – has opened my mind and my heart and I KNOW I need to do this.

I did also learn that I may not be a perfect match for Mike as my kidneys might be too small but there is the possibility for a paired match where I give to another recipient whose donor gives to Mike. Whatever I can do to help my friend and this amazing man, I will do.

So with this plaque near the donor center at Scripps, “Whose life will you save?”… I will save Mike’s life and maybe someone else’s. That is my hope, my heart and my prayer.

#kidneyformike #kidneydonation #sandiego#helloscripps #whoselifewillyousave #lifeisprecious


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