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Folks have been asking how things are going, so here goes…In a groove now with dialysis. Sleeping much better. But dialysis only promises one thing – to keep me alive until I get a new kidney. No more, no less. Still battling chronic fatigue. And this method of dialysis has put my body on a roller coaster, with changes every few days that I have to adjust to.

As far as the transplant, 3 of the folks who have offered to donate have gotten into the process: 1 denied, 1 in the 2nd round of testing, and 1 in the 3rd and last round of testing. Hoping the transplant can happen the first part of next year.

Feeling blest from the outpouring of support for the transplant fund – both donations and the golf tournament fund raiser. My plumeria friends have absolutely blown our minds with a massive amount of support (donations and hole sponsorships). Many other friends as well.

And the list of donated raffle and auction prizes is mind blowing. So many generous folks in our amazing community!

If you’d like to help, here are some ideas:

– If you’re in southern California and play golf, we would love to have you. Golfer registration is $150.

– If you’re in southern California and DON’T play golf, you can attend the dinner ($40). There will be a raffle and silent auction with some amazing prizes.

– Individuals or businesses can sponsor a hole, with signage provided: $500 or $1000 including a foursome.

– Donate raffle prizes for goods or services that folks in San Diego could use.

– Or just donate to the fund directly.

Here is the link to the website:

But more important than all this … God is good. I am more blest than I deserve. Bottom line. Thanks to all for your love and support.


Stunning Numbers

In my transplant classes today I learned some stunning statistics: 18 people on the waiting list die every die for the lack of donated kidney. Here’s why: Right now in the US there are 130,000 total people waiting for an organ transplant (heart, lung, liver, kidney, etc.). Of those 77% are awaiting a kidney (100,000). Last year only 10,000 people got a kidney (10% of the list) – 70% from a deceased donor and 30% from a living donor.

Now, not everyone can be a living donor. While it’s not a bad process compared to what is given someone, some just aren’t able. I get that. (Thankfully I have an amazing group of family and friends who are in the process of getting approved to give me a kidney.) But EVERYONE can be a deceased donor (hopefully later than sooner, right?). You don’t need those organs anymore. You can literally donate life as you pass on to eternity. What a legacy.

Please go to this website to sign up TODAY!

My Amazing Friends

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in this battle with kidney disease is the ability to accept help from others – not easy for an independent guy. So when my dear friends Scott & Becky Lecker offered to put on a golf tournament to raise money toward the costs of a kidney transplant they taught me an important lesson about allowing God to bless others who want to give.

So on Friday, September 11 in San Diego’s east county there will be a tournament at one of San Diego’s premier courses with dinner included. If you’ve ever been to one of Scott’s tournaments he held to raise money for Becky’s transplant, you know it is always professional and a TON of fun!

So I’d like to invite my friends to participate that day with my family and me. Click here¬†for more info and to register online. Thanks!