Day at Scripps

Had an amazing – and somewhat overwhelming – 7 hours at Scripps Green Hospital meeting with my transplant team. SO much information – like drinking water from a fire hydrant.

They were all very encouraging…every person confirming what we’ve heard all along: That I’m a great candidate for a transplant – I’m young (I kept telling them to repeat that as often as possible), I work fulltime, I have no other major health issues, I’ve been on dialysis a short time, and have a spectacular support system, with the super-human Stacy at the helm.

They said there should be no problem getting approved and I will probably be speedlisted to get through the process quickly. They said, with a living donor, I could have a transplant in 3-6 months!

So I should hear within a month about the approval; I will probably need a vascular CT scan, get the word out to potential donors, then ONWARD!

Thank you all for…everything