With all my grand-kiddos!



Best. Surprise. EVER…when the Amazing James and his daddy walked through the door last night. My heart could not be gladder..


Dialysis Update

Since I’ve been such a Bad News Bear, I thought I’d pass along some good news. I’ve felt better the last two days then I have all year – more energy & more brain power. We can only attribute this to re-starting manual dialysis the last few days. It feels SO good to feel good.

We did one more test of the automated overnight dialysis machine and there was still too much pain. So today I was approved for a much better and gentler – plus more expensive – machine. We’ll have a couple of days of training on it, but hoping to be on it by the end of next week. There’s a history of success with other patients with pain as bad as mine.

So for now we’re doing the manual dialysis – 3 times a day, an hour each time. It takes a lot of time and it’s more uncomfortable, since it leaves the fluid in my belly throughout the day, but it sure is making me feel better, as it cleans out the toxins and excess water my failed kidneys can no longer filter.

Stacy and I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, the wonderful cards I’ve received, and the amazing support of our church, Community Covenant Church. Sure could not do this without our village.


Sometimes all we need is … morning – new, fresh, beginning, alpha. The cool sunrise on your face. The hope of revitalization. Renewal.

“Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3)


A goooood day! Cleared to take showers again! (Everyone within a 10 foot radius cheers!) We were approved to start using the overnight dialysis machine! And I rocked my lovely granddaughter Natalie to sleep. Thanks for the outpouring of love and support.



Health Update

I’m not gonna lie, this last week has been pretty hellish. There were many bumps in the road with my first week of dialysis – unexpected side effects, changes to my prescription, etc. made it pretty rough on me and especially Stacy, since she hates to see me suffer. My nurse made some adjustments over the weekend and I’m doing much better. All in all, we were in a pretty dark place for a few days.

BUT…it’s Friday and Sunday’s comin’! Going to church yesterday was just what the Great Physician ordered. Experienced my own personal resurrection. Feeling better fueled to get through the next coupla weeks.

Then, while in church, my good buddy Kenton messaged me from Israel with this photo. It’s a piece of paper with my name written in Hebrew and a prayer for me written on the back. He folded it up and put it in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on Easter. It’s good to be loved.


The light at the end of the tunnel is once I’m allowed to move on from the manual method of dialysis I’ve been doing to the automated machine that works overnight while I’m asleep, life will get much better. And from talking to many others on this method, life will slowly start to normalize, as it brings some new life back to my body.

Parallel to the dialysis journey is the transplant journey…last week my nephrologist told me I’ve been approved by Kaiser for a transplant. Now they will hand over my case to Scripps Green, which will do the actual transplant. But, because they are a different medical system, they also have to approve me. They will take the medical tests I’ve done with Kaiser, but there will be interviews and such that I’ll need to do in person. Once approved, I’ll be assigned a Transplant Team, who will walk me through the process. After all that, they will give the thumbs up to put the call out for potential donors. I’m guessing all this will take at least 9-12 months. But we’ll see.

So…thank you all for the incredible support we’ve received – prayers, encouragement, cards, Facebook messages, meals, etc. You just can’t know the full extent of how that buoys us in the roughest of waters.


Without equivocation or hesitation I fully and completely admit that I deny the resurrection of Christ. This is something that anyone who knows me could tell you, and I am not afraid to say it publicly, no matter what some people may think.

I deny the resurrection of Christ every time I do not serve at the feet of the oppressed, each day that I turn my back on the poor; I deny the resurrection of Christ when I close my ears to the cries of the downtrodden and lend my support to an unjust and corrupt system.

However there are moments when I affirm that resurrection, few and far between as they are. I affirm it when I stand up for those who are forced to live on their knees, when I speak for those who have had their tongues torn out, when I cry for those who have no more tears left to shed.

(Thanks to Pastor Brian King for sharing this quote from Peter Rollins in his message today)