Magazine Article

I have some friends who own an inspirational lifestyle magazine called Refreshed San Diego and have been following my health journey. A few weeks ago they asked if their editor could interview me about this journey. I said sure, why not?

The issue came out yesterday, but I had NO idea I’d be on the cover! (I was always hoping for Rolling Stone, but this will do.) I thought I’d share it with you, in case you’re interested.

Waiting for a transplant | Father of eight undeterred by battle with kidney disease



Health Update

Only a couple percent away from kidney failure now. Next week I have outpatient surgery to get my catheter put in for dialysis. Then I’ll start in-home, overnight dialysis late March or early April, most likely. Today finished a loooong series of tests to ensure I have no other major health issues so I can qualify for the kidney transplant. I passed all the tests with flying colors! (Unlike my days in school). In fact my body is extremely healthy…if it’s not a kidney. Those are toast.

Now my medical records will go to the transplant committee at Kaiser for review. Hopefully that will go smoothly and then we’re off the road to a new kidney! For those who have asked about donating…first let me say I am humbled and deeply touched…second, I will post that info most likely in a few months.

Thanks again for the constant encouragement and prayers. Believe me, they are fuel for Stacy and me.


I shared this excerpt from a friend’s blog in church this morning, and was asked to post it. Hope it’s encouraging to you…


Turn Hope-less into Hope-more.

Thankless? Turn it into “Thankful.”

Does “Sorrowful” describe your mood? Trade it in for “Joyful.”

Are you prone to Counteract? Try to Interact.

A buzz-word is “maladjusted.” Tell it to buzz off, and choose to be well-adjusted.

Are you fearful? Remember that Jesus said “Fear not” dozens of times. Fearless you will become.

Is your habit to be tasteless? Be tasteful.

Do you always ask, “Why me?” Emphasize correctly when you think how God loves you: “Why… ME!”

Do you worry that your boss or friends think you are a “good-for-nothing”? Be good for something!

Being friendly will transform being friendless into being a friend and having friends… and having the most important Friend.

Romans 8:25 explains, “hope that is seen is not hope. Who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Hopeless no more, an attitude of hope – the foundation-stone of faith – can change your life.


Thanks Rick Marschall! Here’s the whole blog post – good recommended reading:…/a-guarante