Health Update

“You have advanced kidney disease.”

Not exactly the words you want to hear from your kidney doctor. But that’s what we heard…along with:

“You only have 21% of your kidney function left.”
“You’re running out of time.”

So, yes, the steroid therapy that I slogged through this year didn’t work. My condition is worse than thought. The doctor is also concerned that catching the flu or a cold over winter could hasten kidney failure.

[Sorry that this is kind of a downer, but Stacy has gotten upset with me often this year for not fully communicating the severity of my situation.]

All this doesn’t change the path I’m on…heading toward a transplant. It just means that if we don’t get it done in a year or two, I will probably have to go on dialysis.

First step: Lose weight. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds over the last month, so I’m on the way. Before you send your fave diet plan, please know that hardly any out there work with kidney disease. I’m working with dietitians for a customized plan. And I’ve started exercising, including water aerobics with Stacy. We’re having fun.

Once I reach the weight I need to be, we can start the transplant’s loooong process.

The GOOD news is that I continue to improve, in terms of the side effects from the steroid, which I’ve been off for over 3 months now. Each week the effects are either disappearing or diminishing. So life is getting more livable.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support! God is good ALL the time. I am a blest man. This experience had changed me on so many levels, and for that I’m deeply thankful.