Coming Off the Steroid

It’s been a few months since my last update and folks have been asking how I’m doing, so here we go…still on track for a kidney transplant, though it’ll be a few years away. Just did a whole raft of labs last week, but I can’t understand the results. I don’t see my kidney doctor for 3 weeks and we’ll see where I am at that point, plus start the process for the transplant.

I completely stopped taking the steroid a little over 6 weeks ago. YESSSS!!! It’s been really rough as my body reacts to not getting that crap anymore. I’ve been more tired than I’ve been all year. Multiple naps a day have been the norm. My nutritionist put it this way: “You owed your body a lot after those 6 months on Prednisone, and now you’re paying it back with the sleep it needs to recover.” Sounds reasonable. This week has been a turning point, needing fewer naps/sleep. Hopefully turning a corner.

Plus, there have been many other slow improvements: Sleep is much better, swelling in my face has gone down, eyesight is better, and other improvements. But swelling in my feet and legs is still severe, with no sign of improvement.

Continuing the nutrition path as well – eating better (smarter?) than I have in my life. Hoping to be in a better place with my overall health as well through these changes.

Just SO glad that I’m not putting the steroid and all the related drugs in me anymore. And I’m glad for the prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, concern, and overall support.

P.S. If you happen to see my glorious wife Stacy, please give her a HUGE hug, as she has been my rock through this, sacrificing much to help me through it. I am so blessed…

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