Today would have been Mike Yaconelli’s birthday. I miss him in my life, and I miss his voice. Here is one small example of why his words are important still today…

“The grace of God is dangerous. It’s lavish, excessive, outrageous, and scandalous. God’s grace is ridiculously inclusive. Apparently God doesn’t care who He loves. He is not very careful about the people He calls His friends or the people He calls His church.”

“I want a lifetime of holy moments. Every day I want to be in dangerous proximity to Jesus. I long for a life that explodes with meaning and is filled with adventure, wonder, risk, and danger. I long for a faith that is gloriously treacherous. I want to be with Jesus, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.”

Amen, and amen.



Our first grandchild, Jacob Michael Atkinson, was stillborn 8 years ago today. Overwhelmed with the thoughts of what could have been…