Health Update

I saw my kidney doc today. Basically the steroid treatment has only stabilized my declining kidney function, it has not improved it. So I will finish up the treatment in mid-July, wait a month, do more labs, and then in September start the long process of getting one of my kidneys transplanted. I have to lose 60-70 pounds to be a candidate, so it’ll probably be a good year or so while we also work out the details of the transplant.

Still struggling with the steroid’s side effects, which basically make me feel 20 years old than I am. A lot of adjustments. Also, I do my last round of IV steroid infusions (aka carpet bombing) starting a week from tomorrow, which wipes me out for a few days.

I’ve already made a lot of lifestyles changes – eating better than I ever have – I can still improve, and will have to. But no exercising – no energy to do it.

Appreciate the continued thoughts and prayers, and concern expressed by so many of my friends – in emails, FB chats, cards, in the grocery store, etc. I am a very rich man. God is good…all the time!


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